What is Geekstream?

GeekStream is a tech blog search engine built to demonstrate OrigoDB. It's not meant to be useful as a service in any way. The content is based on a number of tech-related news and blog RSS sources which were gathered ramdomly, see below for some statistics.

Build faster systems faster

OrigoDB is an in-memory database toolkit for NET/Mono. Discover more here:

Under the hood

Geekstream is an ASP.NET MVC application running on IIS. A standalone OrigoDB server instance running on the same machine hosts the data. The web application does not cache any data, every request triggers a call to the database. Each result page displays the time taken for the query.


Some current statistics from the database:

Number of feeds 926
Number of articles 653756
Unique search terms 526101
Number of edges 53011490
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